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Important Survey…if you haven’t done it please, do..it will help the horse industry!

Please do this new survey on your involvement with horses (in Australia) and share it with your horsey friends! It will help the Australian Horse Industry Council as they lobby for all sorts of things that the horse industry needs, and as they try to look after our interests. The more people who fill this in the better statistics we will have, and at the moment there are virtually no significant statistics that cover all aspects of our massive industry….Please fill it in (it’s easy, about 5-7 minutes max) …It will benefit all of us if we have hard facts about how many of us there are, what we do with our horses and how much we contribute to the Australian economy… To do the survey, just click below and go!
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6 June 2014

Safe Work Australia has released a Guide which details managing risks for inexperienced people around horses. It specifies what we need to manage,  and where the dangers lie, and explains in detail that when working with people new to horses we need special skills. It states that people working in this area must have recognized qualifications relevant to teaching and supervising these activities. It mentions the Horse Safety Australia qualifications along with EA and others acknowledged in the industry. While it is directed at people who take money for doing this work, the guide will also be a useful tool for anyone helping people who are new to horses.


“Excel With Safety”

Horse Safety Australia is committed to improving the safety record of horse activities in Australia. We are doing this through a number of means:

  • qualifications for horse riding instructors, trainers, clinicians and trail guides
  • horse safety procedures: available to all
  • horse event management assistance
  • tips for safety around horses
  • lists of  those who have completed a clinic with Horse Safety Australia
  • endorsements of safety products related to horse riding and handling, and OHS issues around horses
  • tips to new riders on what to look for in a riding instructor/trainers/riding schools/trail riding operations

Horse Safety Australia Inc (formerly known as the Association for Horsemanship Safety and Education in Australia Inc) is a non-profit Incorporated Association.

Our first priority is to help you improve the safety and quality of your horse activity. Our membership and resources are available to any individual or group sharing our commitment to improving the safety and quality of horse related programs.

Horse Safety Australia has been the leader in setting standards for the industry.

Horse Safety Australia certification is recognised by the Education Departments in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Victoria and by the Australian Horse Industry Council, and our qualifications are linked to the Outdoor Recreation Training Package through a private Registered Training Organisation.

The units covered in Horse Safety Australia qualifications meet requirements in the AAS (Adventure Activity Standards) for trail riding.

Horseriding Instructor Qualifications

Horseriding Instructors (English/Western/Natural Horsemanship)

Trail Guides (from 1 hour to overnight or multi day rides)

Qualifications to run horsemanship clinics for Trainers and Clinicians

Do you want qualifications which recognise your horse riding instructing (trail guide) experience ? See the “Clinics” section for information on a  national qualification which acknowledges your background working with horses and people. These workshops (clinics), involve a skills recognition process, and cover risk management, communication skills and concentrate on safety; and are regularly run throughout Australia.

Horse Safety Australia is actively engaged in setting and promoting standards of excellence in safety and education, for those involved in all sectors of the recreational horse industry. Specialized clinics, recognizing prior learning, offer impartial assessments and nationally accepted qualifications.

Horse Welfare and Wellbeing Toolkit can be found here

This is a useful resource when you are thinking about hot weather policies and biosecurity issues for horses, especially if you are running events. And don’t forget the wellbeing of your humans too!


A comprehensive fact sheet on Hendra can be found on the Queensland Horse Council’s website. Look under horse health and find the fact sheet: “Hendra Virus: Reducing the Risk”

Click here for the Hendra Virus fact sheet or visit the Queensland Horse Council website for lots of useful information.

This site includes symptoms of a sick horse and other helpful information

Their Fact Sheet “Bats and Trees” is also helpful in showing the tell tale signs that you have bats in your area, as well as listing what trees attract them, what you can plant that will not encourage them onto your property.

There is also an interesting  series of short film clips on youtube explaining all about the Hendra vaccine for horses, which you can access here:  Hendra Vaccine


There is also a really good bio-security toolbox with some helpful resources about keeping yourself and your staff and horses safe which has been put out by the Australian Horse Industry Council. You can access this here    Bio security toolkit

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