“Excel With Safety”

Horse Safety Australia is a not for profit organisation committed to improving the safety record of horse activities in Australia. We are doing this through a number of means:

  • qualifications for horse riding instructors, trainers, clinicians and trail guides
  • horse safety procedures: available to all
  • advice to shires, councils, schools and other educational organisations with horse activities
  • expert reports assisting in cases of litigation
  • horse event management assistance
  • tips for safety around horses
  • endorsements of safety products related to horse riding and handling, and OHS issues around horses
  • tips to new riders on what to look for in a riding instructor/trainers/riding schools/trail riding operations

Horse Safety Australia Inc (formerly known as the Association for Horsemanship Safety and Education in Australia Inc) is a not for profit Incorporated Association.

Our first priority is to help you improve the safety and quality of your horse activity. Our resources are available to any individual or group sharing our commitment to improving the safety and quality of horse related programs.

Horse Safety Australia has been the leader in setting safety standards for the industry.

Horse Safety Australia certification is recognised by the Safe Work Australia, the Education Departments in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Victoria and by the Australian Horse Industry Council, Safe Work Australia in its Guide to beginners around horses, using  units  from the SIS10 Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package assessed  through Sport SA

AGM: 3 November 2016…a phone in. If you are interested please keep 30 minutes available at 6pm EDST that day. Details of phone in, nominations for the Board etc. will be sent to you with your current Newsletter shortly.

Instructor Qualifications

Horseriding Instructors (ALL TYPES: English/Western/Natural Horsemanship)

Trail Guides

Qualifications to run horsemanship clinics for Trainers and Clinicians

Do you want qualifications which recognise your horse riding instructing (trail guide) experience ?

See the “Clinics” section for information on a  nationally recognised training which acknowledges your background working with horses and people. These workshops (clinics), involve a n assessment process, and cover risk management, communication skills and concentrate on safety; and are regularly run throughout Australia.

Victorian General Clinic: 17-21 October 2016

This clinic will run from the evening of Monday 17 October  to mid afternoon on Friday 21 October 2016.

It will be held at Mill Valley Ranch, a residential campsite near Pakenham. Included are the provision of food, board, horses and all paperwork for the qualifications which will be assessed during this time.  For more information click on the qualifications tab.

Registration form here MVR-clinic-rego-oct-2016

Clinics coming up for Professional Trainers

An NCHA clinic is planned for Taroom QLD :10-13 October and another  NCHA clinic is also planned to be held in Tamworth on 7-10 November 2016. Contact NCHA office for more details.    An AQHA clinic is planned  for Seymour Victoria on 22-25 November 2016. Contact the AQHA office for more information.

Safe Work Australia sets up a guide for beginners interacting with horses.

We believe that the most significant document in Australia for horse riding instructors working with beginners is: Safe Work Australia’s  “Guide to managing risks when new and inexperienced persons interact with horses…”

Download it here : Safe Work Australia’s Guide for working with those new to horses