Endorsed Products:

Horse Safety Australia has been looking into endorsing more products that relate to safety in horse activities. Below are a number which we have investigated and endorsed, with more products to follow

Please ensure that any of these products are used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Troxel helmets

These US helmets meet the standards of being high quality and monitored regularly for safety ensuring they every Troxel helmet meets the original standards according to the US requirements. They have a variety of styles which meet most modern purposes, are lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can buy these on line through Just Country through their website www.justcountry.com.au

or use this order form if you wish: Just Country Order Form_2016.04.08



for more on helmet standards go to our menu item ‘ standards’.


Smart Rider (Breakaway) Stirrups

These stirrups come apart with the weight of the rider displaced in the event of a fall, so there are no more risks of being dragged! They come in plastic in many bright colours, as well as stainless steel for showing, and leather covered Ox Bow type stirrups for Western riding.



for more information click here  Smart Rider Stirrups

Smart Rider can be contacted through their website http://www.smartrider.net/ or by ringing 07 5446 5068

Jane Myers’ Information Books

… valuable information on subjects like buying your horse, horses and pasture, yards and paddocks, paddock management, arena construction, and more

These are available for purchase from us, or go on Jane’s website for direct links and ebooks  here


 The rescue swag…

A fantastic Australian product which is ideal for carrying on trail rides/ out mustering/ or in any situation where you are away from your first aid equipment at  your base. It has appropriate harness to attach it to your saddle.

The Rescue Swag not only includes medical supplies, but links directly to instructions and photographs within the Rescue Swag app to guide you during emergencies.  Each kit also has the ability to also be used as a sling, splint, immobilisation device and water carrier.  Carry your mobile phone in the easy-access external pocket or upgrade your kit to include a Personal Locating Beacon, for the ultimate in safety.

In fact it is relevant to horse use, and a good tool to have as part of your equipment kept at home too!\  Can be taken out on quad bikes, motor bikes and anywhere  a first aid kit might be needed. An excellent product which has the added advantage of advice available on a smart phone without the need of  a phone signal or the internet….Check this out!



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