The  units we assess you on are from SIS10 Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package

Units are from various levels of  Certificates in SIS10 Outdoor Recreation

Which qualifications are assessed at clinics?

During the clinics, participants are assessed to see if they meet national requirements for working in the industry. The level of qualification achieved depends on them meeting the requirements for the units set out below and the Horse Safety Australia requirements linked to the participants’ knowledge and skills linked to risk management, safe procedures and emergency responses.

What if I am not good at one area?

Horse Safety Australia staff are committed to assisting participants meet these requirements, and if there are areas of deficiency, the staff will investigate ways of achieving the units  after the clinic is over.

Do all clinics cover all qualifications?

Our general clinics cover  the assistant, instructor and trail guide (day rides) areas. ‘Senior instructor’ assessments are covered at most clinics if participants have appropriate experience and expertise.

Occasionally, Horse Safety Australia runs a designated trail riding clinic. These are always identified on the registration forms, and at these only trail riding qualifications are assessed and issued in these cases.

SIS10 Training Package units assessed at  clinics for Horse Safety Australia qualifications

This area will be updated soon. It needed to be changed as we will soon be delivering new, but similar and improved versions of the previous units  we used.

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