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There are many more sites who are working on their site accreditation and are part of the way through the process. They will appear on our lists once they have completed all components of the requirements. These include Taminnin College NT; Burnelee Trail Riding NSW;  Equest Atherton; Crystal Cascades, Cairns; All Saints College Bathurst; Emerald and Longreach Ag Colleges.

Horse Safety Australia Site accreditation is available to anyone with a horse facility: whether a riding school, trail riding facility, agistment centre, training facility or public space provided for horse riding activities. It is based on the Australian Horse Industry Council’s Code of Practice for Horse Activities (the national minimum standards) , with some additions which are required by our organisation for areas not addressed in this code. It also covers the new Safe Work Australia Guide for managing risks when new and inexperienced persons interact with horses as well as the NSW Code of Practice ” Managing risks when new or inexperienced riders or handlers interact with horses in the workplace’ (for those living in NSW).

Horse Safety Australia provides the opportunity for site accreditation : with standards for safe fencing and facilities, clothing and footwear for horseriding; equipment standards, qualified staff, ratios of staff to students, appropriate horses (if provided by the site) etc.

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Site accreditation documents are in self assessment format and then the site audit is available for a fee. It involves a consultant visiting your site and assessing all aspect of its safety. The areas covered include:

* qualifications,
* age and experience of instructors,
* provision of helmets,
* first aid,
* construction of facilities
* suitability of horses and equipment for purpose
* if trails are used : suitability and accessibility in emergencies
* humane treatment and appropriate care of horses
* appropriate ratios
* risk management procedures (especially for beginner riders)
* and more

The self assessment paperwork is available here HSA site-accreditation- rev518

Cost for a site audit is $990 plus staff travel , and renewal occurs every 3 years and costs $660 (normally a desk audit every second time). A certificate and sign are provided for sites once all requirements are satisfactorily met. The consultant who accredits your site is a resource to help you meet the requirements and  can work with you to help you solve any compliance problems you might have.

The site accreditation self assessment document is available from the office.

Site accreditation must be reviewed and re-issued when there is a change of ownership/management of the site. If the procedures, site and staffing are fundamentally unchanged the cost will be $660;  or if there are major changes in place from the initial accreditation process (eg a trail riding business which adds in holiday educational riding programs) this may require a full re assessment process at the cost of $990.

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