Horse Safety Australia Inc

In 1992 the Association for Horsemanship, Safety and Education in Australia (AHSE) was formed to foster higher standards of safety within the horse industry, particularly relating to teaching horse-riding to groups of beginners. Since then Horse Safety Australia has accredited 3000+ instructors nationally.

The AHSE originally obtained its structure from the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) in USA using their materials, which had been developed over 45 years of experience in horse-riding at youth camps. AHSE went out on its own in 1997 and linked with the Australian vocational education system.

In 2006 AHSE changed its name to Horse Safety Australia Inc.

Individual Qualifications

The aim of Horse Safety Australia is to promote the safe and effective teaching of horse activities in all disciplines in line with the Guides and Codes listed below.

To this end we provide Assessment Clinics nationally for people within the industry to obtain a qualification as an Instructor and/or Trail Guide based on assessing their prior knowledge and skills.

These clinics are designed as an opportunity for those already experienced in the industry to gain certification. They are not a training process, but an assessment of a persons competencies, current skills and abilities in these fields and importantly, their adherence to safe practices within these disciplines or services.
There are a range of Instructor & Trail Guide levels covered at the clinics:
Instructor Levels, see Instructors
Trail Guide Levels, see Trail Guides

Horse Handling (suitable for those involved in equine therapy & other “ground based” pursuits.)

All of these levels  are available at most of our  clinics.

Site Accreditation

Horse Safety Australia also provides site accreditation for all types of horse businesses. The accreditation process is designed to assess and ensure that sites meet the following Guides & Codes.

Australian Guides and Codes

AHIC Code of Practice for the Horse Industry. October 2009


Safe Work Australia –  “Guide to managing risks when new and inexperienced persons interact with horses”. June 2014


Safework NSW – ” Managing risks when new or inexperienced riders or handlers interact with horses in the workplace”. February 2017


Adventure Activity Standards for Horse Trail Riding. Sept 2019