Future Clinics

Future Horse Safety Australia Clinics

Future Clinics offering Horse Safety Australia certifications will be advised here as they are planned.  At the moment (late August 2021) it does not look like we will be able to hold any more  clinics in Australia in 2021. However, we will keep those on our waiting list informed if we can squeeze some in before 2022. To get on our waiting list, please contact us through the Expression of Interest form ( found here Expression of Interest in future clinics 2021 _1 ) if you want to be notified about the next one coming up near you.

Please act quickly, the clinics fill up very soon after they are announced!


Our live-in Clinics (food, accommodation and horses provided)  run for 3-5 days and nights, and are planned for Queensland, NSW,  NT, WA , SA  and Victoria  each year.

We are now breaking up our clinics into sections – some parts are common to all, others are for a particular group …Those wanting both instructor and trail guide certifications need to be there for  the whole time, others need to be there either between 3 and 5  days and 3 or 4 nights.

The clinic cost for the general clinics  covering both instructor and trail guide certifications is         $ 1900 (including GST) with attendance required  for 5 day 4 nights

For those wanting horse riding instructor certification only the clinic will run for 4 days and  3 nights and cost $1760 (including GST) This includes the Instructor of Horse Handling section.

For those wanting Trail Guide certification only  the clinic will run for 3 and 1/2  days and 3 nights and cost $1700 (including GST)

For those needing Instructor of Horse Handling only  it will be 3 days and 3 nights and cost $1650 (including GST)

Fees include :

  • Food, accommodation (in a residential campsite environment), supply of horses & tack, clinic paperwork, certification (as attained), Horse Safety Australia membership for three years,  and the opportunity to obtain 2 units of competency from a Registered Training Organisation
    • SISOEQU001 Handle horses
    • SISOEQU010 Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks in horse handling and riding activities

We consider these units to be fundamental to safe handling of horses and the supervision of others as they interact with horses. They cover horse behaviour, risk management,
horse and rider assessments and matching the horse to the rider.

  • Part of the clinic resources includes a USB stick with resources for running a horse business (application forms, waivers, accident reports and much more!)

Please fill in and return the clinic registration form relating to your chosen  clinic, They are available for download  on the home page, and also at the top of this page.
There will be some paperwork to do beforehand, that you need to hand in at the start of the clinic, which will help provide us with evidence of your experience and knowledge. The pre-clinic materials will be sent to you  approximately three – six weeks prior to the clinic, after receiving your deposit. The balance of your fees will be due on the first day of the clinic.

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Travel and Accommodation

You will be responsible for your own travel. Normally participants live-in and this is factored into the costs, as the clinic includes evening programs and often preparation time is needed for the next day’s activities so staying off site is not advised. (There is no reduction  in the fees for staying off site). Transfers can be made available, or directions using public transport to nearby railway stations, bus stops etc, to and  from the airport for interstate participants.

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These will vary according to the qualification/s you are seeking.  The details are on the individual registration forms, and they vary from site to site depending on the day of the week they start, etc.

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Registration Procedures

You will need to return the registration form (available above and on the home page for download), and deposit (non refundable) to:

Horse Safety Australia,  Box 1190,  Strathalbyn, SA 5255

or email to nina@horsesafetyaustralia.com.au

For direct debit account details, see the registration form.

N.B. For multiple attendees from one site, please reproduce pages 3 & 4 of the registration form and send registration details and deposits for each participant.  Page 3 can serve as a tax invoice for businesses.

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