For  insurance information contact Affinity Insurance Brokers

03 8587 7777  (now part of the multinational broker: AON)

Horse Safety Australia is  insured by Affinity Insurance Brokers, based in Victoria.

Affinity Insurance Brokers is APRA approved and has on staff specialists in the horse business.
They insure many of the large horse associations, and small to large commercial
horse activity businesses.

Affinity Insurance Brokers has a reasonably priced scheme for individual
instructors/coaches. Those with Horse Safety Australia qualifications receive special benefits
and attention, as this company recognises that the process of our clinics assist
people with fine tuning their risk assessment skills and so making those
who have completed our clinics a lower risk to the insurer!

In addition to having a personal interest in and positive attitude towards
its clients, Affinity Insurance Brokers has, as part of its service, access
to the Affinity Risk Management services, headed up by Paul Davenport
(himself with many years of varied experience in the horse industry),
providing advice, resources, and encouragement towards best practice for
its clients.

Paul has also been involved in Horse Safety Australia since its inception in the early 1990s.
This new package provides Mortality cover for your horse for up to $30,000.
You then also have access to a number of options including:

  • Personal Accident cover for (at least 3 riders/handlers of your horse) up to $100,000
  • Public Liability cover (Australia wide)
  • Horse Floats
  • Veterinary Fees – cover for up to $7,500
  • Harness, Saddlery & Tack

For more information have a look at the Affinity website and search ‘horse’ website.
As a special offer you will receive a $20 discount for using the on-line system!

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For more information contact:

Affinity Insurance Brokers

PH: 03 8587 7777