Membership Renewals

Renewal of your registration as a member and instructor/trail guide with Horse Safety Australia.

Has your membership expired? This occurs automatically 3 years after the completion of your clinic.

Are you still interested in Horse Safety Australia?

If so, please return to us the following paperwork including evidence of current first aid, professional development, and the statutory declaration about how you work following our code of conduct, plus a letter confirming that you have been working in the industry over the past three years.  Include a cheque for $275 for a 3 year extension of your registration with Horse Safety Australia.

If you are short term in the industry then send $92 for one year only. A new certificate and a tax invoice for your payment will be sent to you.

The required paperwork for re-certification and renewal of membership of Horse Safety Australia for clinic participants can be found here:

Word document

Re Certification Printable

Online form

Re Certification 2023